How Can You Know if Your Child is in need of Speech Therapy?

How Can You Know if Your Child is in need of Speech Therapy - Blog Post from Rehab For Autism and ADHD

How Can You Know if Your Child is in need of Speech Therapy?

Have you observed your child struggling with communicating clearly? Perhaps they have difficulty to understand what people are saying? This may be a sign that your child may need speech therapy.

What exactly is speech therapy?

It is a specific kind of treatment for children who are having difficulty speaking, understanding language or even saying certain words and sounds. It’s similar to having a coach who will teach you to make use of your tongue, mouth and voice in a proper way to communicate properly.

In speech therapy sessions the speech therapist interacts with children by engaging them in exciting games and activities. Mirrors may be used for teaching children that they can move their tongues and lips to produce difficult sounds. By repeating the same words repeatedly, they become good at pronouncing them. Therapists also help children who struggle with stuttering or other difficulties with their fluency, or those who have difficulty understanding what other people are saying. The aim is to teach children the abilities they require to communicate and understand the language to be able to participate in conversations, follow instructions, and build relationships with others more easily.

5 signs your child needs speech therapy:

1. Trouble Pronouncing Words

If your child is having difficulties speaking certain words or sounds correctly, it could be a sign that their pronunciation needs to be improved.

2. Stuttering

Stuttering is the process of repeating sentences or sound words, or sticking with certain words. It’s normal for children to stumble a bit at times, but if it happens often, speech therapy can help.

3. Problems understanding others

If your child is often confused when speaking with others or is having trouble following directions, it could be a sign that listening and comprehension are lacking in them.

4. Limited vocabulary.

If your child uses very few or no words, or is having difficulty understanding new words, speech therapy could help them develop their vocabulary.

5. Voice problems

When your child’s voice is too loud, soft, hoarse or nasal, it may be a sign of a disorder in the voice which speech therapy can assist with.

The reason why Speech Therapy is so important

Speech therapy is important because it helps children to communicate more effectively. Making friends, learning, and playing are much easier when children communicate clearly and effectively.


If you notice any of these symptoms on your child’s behalf, don’t be afraid! There are many children who need guidance in their language and speech abilities. The use of speech therapy could make all the difference in helping your child feel more confident and succeed.

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Dr Kapil Dev

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